How Tingo Works for You

Tingo gets you the lowest price, and then makes sure you keep getting the lowest price. Book now, rest easy!

Book Happy with the
Best Prices, Guaranteed

We get you the best rates possible. So go ahead and shop around when you’re ready to book—if someone else is offering a lower price, we’ll match it!

Hotel Prices Change, Our
Low Price Promise Doesn’t

Hotels change their rates all the time. But don’t worry! If a hotel drops its rate after you book a Price Drop room, we lock in the lower rate and refund you the difference.

Just Like Magic, You Get
Automatic Money Back!

Who wants to wait for a check? Not you! Tingo sends your Price Drop refund right back to your credit card. It’s completely automatic and completely awesome. Woohoo!

Free Room Upgrades
(And We Do All the Work!)

A better room at your hotel drops its rate. Its new rate is lower than what you paid for your room. Bam! We let you know so you can switch your room and take advantage of the free upgrade!